*** How to Register for the Forum ***

A place for new members to introduce themselves and say hello.

*** How to Register for the Forum ***

Postby webmaster » Sun May 31, 2009 12:43 pm

New Membership is open to anyone with an interest in Austin A30/A35 cars. The only restriction is that the Members sections are only accessible by paid-up members of the Owners' Club. For more information on becoming a member, click on the "Join the Club" option at the top of the forum pages or visit the Owners' Club main website.

In order to cut down on the amount of spammers posting unsuitable topics it has been decided that new registrations will be handled in the following way, so, please be patient as this is not an instant system, it is performed manually by an actual person in their own time and for free.

To register for this forum please send an email containing the following information to forumregistrations@austina30a35ownersclub.co.uk

- Your choice of Username (we will do our best, but it may already be taken!)
- Your email address
- Forum Password (at least 6 characters and/or digits please)
- If a Club member, please also include your membership number so we can check prior to granting you your enhanced access!
- A brief reason why you want to be added to the forum, especially if you are a non-member (leave the detailed introduction for you first post!)

Once you have access, please make your first post in our "Welcome to the Forum" section to introduce yourself, your car(s) if any, and your interest in the A30/A35 range!

All new posts will be moderated until the team are satisfied the posts are genuine, so initially please expect a short delay between posting and viewing on the forum as the moderators perform this important role in their spare time.

Hopefully this should cut down the spam, any questions about the above feel free to ask using the email address above.

Note: If you've already got a forum account you DON'T need to register again. If you are having problems logging into the forum, first try the "I forgot my password" option on the login page, but if that does not work, please contact the Web Editor at webeditor@austina30a35ownersclub.co.uk and we will try and resolve the issue.

Finally, but just as important, please remember this is a family forum, and anyone found posting offensive links/images will have their account disabled and removed :thumbs:

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